A whistle-stop tour – Let's Talk Online Psychology Service

Welcome to part two of my four-week newsletter series on online therapy, giving you a little whistle-stop tour of my website and all the useful information you will find.

Wondering about this (possibly new to you) idea of attending therapy/counselling from a distance, using the internet or telephone? Would you like to learn more about the services I provide within the online aspect of my business – Let's Talk Online Psychology Service? I have provided a brief overview of my website, to help you in your search for the therapist, and type and format of therapy for YOU.
So where to start?

Check out the Let's Talk Online Psychology Service main page: www.letstalk-psychology.com/online-therapy. This will provide you with a brief overview of the different types of online/telephone therapy available (video conferencing, telephone, instant messaging, email). If you have not already, check out last week's Newsletter/Blog describing these different mediums of therapy in more detail.

OKAY, so now you may be thinking: Is this something I or one of my loved ones might like to try? Do I want to get the help I need from the comfort of my own home? Would I benefit from the flexibility of accessing psychological treatment in this way? Would I feel more comfortable writing about what I am experiencing than talking it through verbally, and therefore benefit from one of the text based treatments ? Check out the section of my website: IS ONLINE THERAPY FOR YOU?

 It is important that you feel confident and comfortable with whomever you choose to be your therapist. There are two sections in my website, which may help you get a better idea of me, professionally and personally. Click here to check out my CV, and here to find out about my journey into providing online therapy.

 The other thing to consider when you are trying to choose a therapist is whether or not they are experienced in helping people with the particular difficulty you are experiencing. Click here to find a list of the different types of emotional experiences I treat. This list is not exhaustive, but may give you an idea of the types of problems I am experienced in working with.

 You may or may not at this stage have knowledge of the different types of psychological therapies available. I utilise a range of different psychological approaches and ideas to help my clients, working closely with them to decide what might be most suitable. You may already have an idea of the type of therapy you would like to engage in. You can find a list of the different types of psychological therapies I am trained in and have experience in here.

 If you have got to this stage you may be thinking, okay if I or someone I love wants to give online therapy a try, where do I begin? To make this process as straightforward as possible I have put together a step-by-step guide to beginning online therapy together. This brings you through every step in the process, including the completion of an online therapy assessment form, what technology /software is required for which types of therapy, in addition to how to go about scheduling your appointment , and how to pay for your session.

 Have you decided you want to begin this journey and see where it takes you? I offer a FREE initial consultation for any of the different formats of online therapy. This is to give you an opportunity to try it out, get a feel for what it might be like working with me, giving us an opportunity to think together about how we might be able to help you in your life. There are two ways to go about booking your initial consultation, click on the BOOK NOW section of my website, and schedule an appointment yourself. Check out my available times and slot yourself in. Alternatively, you can click the TAKE ACTION section, where you will find my contact details and a contact form.

There are two final  parts of  my  website that provide lots of interesting information on online therapy and the services I provide. The FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section and my BLOG., The frequently asked questions section does just what it says, providing responses to the types of questions I get asked by clients, potential clients and referrers. My blog covers a range of different topics related to online therapy, a little bit about my journey into working this way, and some reflective topics. Lots more exciting reading for you is coming soon, and if there are any topics you would like covered, please do ask and I will see what I can do. So make sure you sign up  at the bottom of my website, if you have not  done  so already!

There we go, our whistle-stop tour is complete! Hope you enjoyed your journey through  a service I  hold dear to my heart ! And please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. My online therapy clinic is even open some evenings and weekends, in order to make psychological therapy as accessible as possible.

 Don't forget to tune in next week for Part Three. Read about why you might want to choose my service, but also under what circumstances online therapy may not be suitable. Included will be some salient points regarding what to look out for when seeking online therapy.