Let’s Talk Online

I have been a busy bee: studying to become a Certified Cyber facilitator; specialising in Online Therapy and Supervision; expanding my psychology practice, with aim of improving the accessibility of psychological therapies, through the provision of Online Therapy. I continue to be passionate about enhancing psychological care here at home in Northern Ireland, whilst being excited by the opportunity to use my skills and expertise to help people throughout the UK/Ireland, and even further afield.

Let’s Talk NI Psychology Service, has therefore been renamed Let’s Talk Psychology Service, incorporating in-person and online therapy. I have also launched an exciting NEW WEBSITE, which (even if I do say so myself :-)) I believe provides a pretty comprehensive overview of the services I am now providing, and how you might go about accessing them. Why not check it out?


If you have not already signed up for my monthly newsletter, make sure to subscribe. Starting Sunday, and lasting four weeks, I will be writing a weekly newsletter to tell you all a little bit more about online therapy, guiding you through some aspects of my online therapy website, as well as  informing you about some exciting discounts for anyone subscribed to my newsletter and/or their family and friends.

You never know, it might be just  the thing you or a loved one needs to get you started on your journey towards emotional healing and self-care.

Introduction to online therapy newsletter (four weeks)

Week one: find out more about online therapy and the different formats through which it can be provided (video conferencing/instant messaging/email/telephone).

Week two: receive a brief summary of my exciting new website, the various sections it contains and how to go about scheduling a FREE initial consultation for your online therapy of choice.

Week three: read about why you might want to choose my service, but also under what circumstances online therapy may not be suitable.  Included will be some salient points regarding what to look out for when seeking online therapy.

Week four: hear some of my personal and professional reflections regarding working this way, in addition to some exciting plans I have in terms of developing this aspect of my service in the future.